Nursing Homes



NURSING HOME RACKET ( LAWYERS AND ROBBERY ) The scriptures denote: : ( until death do we depart ). Pray to God that one never falls into the grip of some questionable nursing home, as in alliance with legal shysters, body and soul snatchers, as teamed to openly swindle helpless humans being caught in the net of criminality, in stealing and plundering sick and dying helpless patients. The good book declares: that we depart this life with nothing. Positively, a national chain of alien investors in cahoots with legalized hoodlums make sure that helpless patients do depart from this world to be swindled on one side from head to toe while on the opposite from toe to head. Consider that your loved one is to be led into the shyster nursing home racket—- go to hell robbery ! Some of the most cleverest legal and political renegades move among the national nursing home industry. For sure, we have the uppermost pleasant Places for the elderly hopeless humanity. Sadly though, we discover organized criminality in all walks of life. Yes, hundreds of nursing homes do practice the little understood racket involved before a soul is wheeled into a world of absolute racketeering. This fraudulent malfeasance is devised to legally loot personal property from uninformed souls bound for nursing home care. This total scheme justifies the rape of innocent and helpless souls of which unilaterally fall into the hands of devils in the flesh. Listed below blows such racketeering activity beyond comprehension. Through bribing state, county, and city the criminality spreads like a cancerous growth of massive proportions. SIMPLIFIED;
                              Entering a nursing home, (many), and not able to survive, home owners are not notified that after a specific stay their property can be confiscated. Such indigents are unmercifully robbed into signing all moneys and property into the investor’s pockets. Such agents of alien extraction use this scheme in racking into millions sending moneys back to their native origins. Our public has no legal protection against this enforced; corruption. Corrupt politicians and slum-masters work hand-in-glove with this scheme.                                  Mary Flookin, aged 80– on Social Security is wheeled into Heaven on Earth nursing home. Her funds come to an end. She had owned six acres of land, a home valued at one-hundred thousand. She is compelled to sign over her estate to remain in commercial bondage. This soul expired  within  three years. Her bill was seventy-five thousand dollars. Legal and political ghouls pockets the remaining money of twenty-five thousand and  a criminally inspired class of lawyers, banksters, slum lords, and professional gangsters cleaned up. Who ever reads this could possibly find themselves as victims.