CROCKER GATOR The Crocker Gator is one of the most aggressive, vicious and unstable monster, that originally evolved from voting via our national population. In fact, this daily officiated overweight freak is a double-headed laid-back rogue, and is as contemptuous as a scorned whore eaten up with political syphilis. This hideous democratic/republican machine of an Gatorized appetite is one of a kind. Its method is to regurgitate. At times, being compelled to withdraw legislation, this gang compromises; becoming as the canine dog that will turn and consume its own vomit. Even Christ used this term. Yet, the gator fits this equation. Amphibian like political ambition amplifies that this human-like draconian political beast remains buoyed to sycophancy. Too, Most of the time sleeping and rarely reacting. This is the ultimate malicious dingbat on mother earth. Disgusting is that ( it ) cannot use the restroom; for it is tailless. This is perpetual agony. ( CONGRESSIONAL ) OUTHOUSE; having to originally evolved here right among our national ballot-box rotation of a simplified population. In fact, this daily overweight freak, GATOR, is highly contemptuous; it is one of a kind. Mother nature made provision that this distorted human-like draconian beast remains silent. The congressional hall is a bait. THIS GATOR’S RECKONING ! To betray the public——–Imperialism To protect child snatchers—–organized pornography rings To rob through foundations——tax dodgers To support the national Gay movement—–attack on family structure To plunder the national economy—–artificial inflation and war To bow down to in-house spies——-spies in state DEPT. To downgrade our military—-firing 13 needed generals To support pornography—–Hollywood & tainted stars To betray our troops—–commercial alien wars. To support Middle East insurrectionists—–enslavement of Middle East To loot Social Security—–replace stolen social security monies To support national crime——-FEMA & SWAT To support robbery of labor through industrial slave wages To support a national crime syndicate To support a corrupt political bureaucracy To support southern Marxian reconstruction To perpetuate a national fraudulent religious empire To pauperize the middle class To maintain the laboring class through illicit usury To be continually a vassal state of British banking


            BILLY CARTER UNSUNG TRUE AMERICAN                                              The most ignored during life, as brother of a President, was the personality of Billy Carter. This gentle man was no brush off when meeting some scoundrel from Congress, nor a sucker to be glorified by many curious tourists. He was a man of men. He made it clear, in so many utterances, that he would rather sleep in his filling station that the White House! Yes, far ahead of his time, a bottle of beer was more precious that shaking hands with some scoundrel in Washington, D.C.


In essence, the vast majority of Americans could care less in strolling around the White House. Looking at some of the appointed Presidents of the past, compels many to question political whores of whom actually made it to the top. We can start with Woodrow Wilson, a troubled man that sent young men over seas to be slaughtered, in the attempt to sell out our nation, to the, European League of Nations. Failing, brought him a miserable death.


And there was Franklin D. Roosevelt, a traitor, in allying with Communist Russia in 1933. His follow up was Harry Solomon Truman, who tried to conceal his ancestral back ground with S. only for a middle name. The old saying, ” What’s in a name.?” Ask Harry. Harry worked well with his buddies, red Russian agents, in laying the ground work, for a then future United Nation’s Organization, of which basically is a front for approaching global socialism. And this goes on for ever, when a political hack is wheeled into office.


Now getting back to Billy Carter. He knew as to what specific nation in the near east that was up to its neck in fighting off international banksters. No matter who makes it to the White House, and even before the present, all are merely tools of universal gangsters, using the global empire as a front for an ancient religious order, that needles its octopus like methods to gain control of any and all lulled into its net. A man like Billy Carter would never betray his manhood, by grasping hold of one octopus tentacle that reached from afar, right into the center fold of Washington’s political whoredom. Incidentally, it was rumored that Billy was hauled via a military air craft, to a clinic for a rest. Being associated a nest of hoodlums drove him to the bottle.



If one will look around, there will be hundreds of little booklets knocking everything, and what evolves from the publication of sewage, in the line of ever supporting Protestantism, with its break from Catholicism. Only the ignorant misunderstand that Protestantism evolved from Catholicism. This being true, designates that both are wrong or one is wrong and the other is correct. With such consideration, it is necessary to do some investigation, of earlier Oriental fundamentalists beliefs, of one ancient religion known as Gautama. This ancient Gautama was the very basis for Oriental religious fundamentalists. All of us wear thinking caps over intelligent brains. Generally, money is the very root of many world religious movements. Have you ever considered that great opposition to western Christianity. Yes, it originated in the Orient. Have you ever been informed that the seed line of Abraham is God’s chosen seed line. Do you know from whence one of Noah’s sons that you have descended through. Try searching the origins of Ham, Japhet and Shem. Have you ever taken the time in discovering just who controls the commie
run news media in our country. Learn these things about Christian civilization, and
then pick faults from other’s insinuations and reason, in trying to influence many to think with a one way mind. Having never seen nor read the hand book mentioned-­-tells me that you are finding fault without qualification. Please keep an open mind
for we have many avenues of contrary truths, that the world is only a fool’s paradise.

Further, when searching out modern Christology, the national religious empire, take into the historicity of religious ties to the national treasury. Here we have a double standard contrary to our Constitution. No doubt about it, the control over all religions are state orientated. In America when things go wrong, one runs from one denomination to another, in order to reconcile guilt complexes. Here Satan is drug up, in trying to palm off self-induced, personality debilitation.

Its been a long waiting period for the great Parousial ( God’s earthly return )to take place. More than likely, much longer before the expansive eschatological, false man made teachings, will come to the truth voluntarily. The world is under the influence of an invisible society, that is supportive of global Pan Theosophy, Pan finance, Pan Russia and Pan Orientalism. America is headed in this direction. Since the national publishing industry is a tool, and a product, on the threshing floor of universal socialism, it would be wise to ignore off-color information and lean out the true Gospel of of an unseen Creator.


NURSING HOME RACKET ( LAWYERS AND ROBBERY ) The scriptures denote: : ( until death do we depart ). Pray to God that one never falls into the grip of some questionable nursing home, as in alliance with legal shysters, body and soul snatchers, as teamed to openly swindle helpless humans being caught in the net of criminality, in stealing and plundering sick and dying helpless patients. The good book declares: that we depart this life with nothing. Positively, a national chain of alien investors in cahoots with legalized hoodlums make sure that helpless patients do depart from this world to be swindled on one side from head to toe while on the opposite from toe to head. Consider that your loved one is to be led into the shyster nursing home racket—- go to hell robbery ! Some of the most cleverest legal and political renegades move among the national nursing home industry. For sure, we have the uppermost pleasant Places for the elderly hopeless humanity. Sadly though, we discover organized criminality in all walks of life. Yes, hundreds of nursing homes do practice the little understood racket involved before a soul is wheeled into a world of absolute racketeering. This fraudulent malfeasance is devised to legally loot personal property from uninformed souls bound for nursing home care. This total scheme justifies the rape of innocent and helpless souls of which unilaterally fall into the hands of devils in the flesh. Listed below blows such racketeering activity beyond comprehension. Through bribing state, county, and city the criminality spreads like a cancerous growth of massive proportions. SIMPLIFIED;
                              Entering a nursing home, (many), and not able to survive, home owners are not notified that after a specific stay their property can be confiscated. Such indigents are unmercifully robbed into signing all moneys and property into the investor’s pockets. Such agents of alien extraction use this scheme in racking into millions sending moneys back to their native origins. Our public has no legal protection against this enforced; corruption. Corrupt politicians and slum-masters work hand-in-glove with this scheme.                                  Mary Flookin, aged 80– on Social Security is wheeled into Heaven on Earth nursing home. Her funds come to an end. She had owned six acres of land, a home valued at one-hundred thousand. She is compelled to sign over her estate to remain in commercial bondage. This soul expired  within  three years. Her bill was seventy-five thousand dollars. Legal and political ghouls pockets the remaining money of twenty-five thousand and  a criminally inspired class of lawyers, banksters, slum lords, and professional gangsters cleaned up. Who ever reads this could possibly find themselves as victims.