One thought on “Lovers

    The John Birch Society was, and is now, an organization that neutralizes any member that condemns or spotlights the communist movement within the USA. Robert Welch was a retired candy maker. This political system was founded in honor of a deceased individual named John Birch, a missionary who was slain in China. Several decades past, one discovers that the Birches had infiltrated numerous religious functionaries, churches, in denouncing that the United Nations Organization was a front for radicalized communist agents. For the most part, this presumption appears to be true. Yet, with elevated religious fervor literally hundreds of thousands of honest souls would listen to two-hour tapes and would immediately joined up.Undoubtedly, twisted minds temporarily replaced their temporal God and listened to the Oracle, Robert Welch, founder of the Birch society. To disagree with any deceived member called for complete ostracization, in the name of their Lord. A new God had moved in. Most positive concerning the very roots of this so-called patriotic organization is its open hands inclusion of members of any religious outlet in America. Actually, it coincided with Billy Graham’s catchall theory, of converting lost souls, of whom happened to stumble into the spiritual providence of pseudo intellectual craftsmanship, fronting for a Divine theocracy. But Mr. Graham’s God was recognized as the one and only creator-all of this well and good.
    But lo and behold, the birches were in complete opposition to Graham’s belief in a Supreme being, for in the ( The Blue Book ), the so-called bible of the ( John Birch Society ), Pgs. 143 – 146, Welch proclaims that mankind-washed forth from the ancient swamp lands, as slobs of muck and mire, of which and gradually evolved into apes-anthropoids. Here we are at loggerheads between Graham and Welch, in bringing simple-minded people into the twin nets of two ambitious souls, Graham and Welch, letting their imaginary screens of religion and anthropology wobble along the treacherous path of baiting innocent souls through national politics and the church/state connection. It is an actual truth that innocent souls have been excommunicated from churches for questioning the MUD theory.


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