Political whores


The SPOTLIGHT September 6, 1999


By Vince Ryan.

The United States is a boiling caldron of racial and ethnic enmity. You don’t have to be some kind of “expert” to figure that out. Pundits, editorial writers and other self-appointed experts are promoting tension — they call it “diversity,” “inclusion” or any number os squishy-soft names.

Of course, not all media people promote unrest, but if you watch the evening news, read your daily newspapers and glance at the national magazines, you will quickly conclude that something portending danger for the United States is alive and well.

However, you will not find these stories labeled “danger” or flagged with caution signs that our republic has changed. Instead you will have to see through the approving tone of these commentaries and newscasts that the United states is not the same country that it was.

During the Lyndon Johnson presidency, our immigration laws were radically rewritten. The original laws which mandated a controlled immigration policy favoring the Western European nations were changed to favor the nations of color and totally alien background, especially those of Asia and Latin America.

Today immigration is out of control. In addition to the millions of legal immigrants that have poured into the states in the mast few years, millions of illegal immigrants are now enjoying the rights and privileges, including welfare, education and medical benefits, that are available to all Americans.

Regular SPOTLIGHT readers are will aware that U.S. sovereignty over its borders has become a bad joke. They also know that the government of Mexico has granted dual citizenship to all Mexicans residing in America.

The goal of Mexican leaders on both sides of the border is to unite the south-western United States with Mexico into the new nation of Aztlan.

Troubadours and politicians incessantly energize the Hispanic masses to participate in the fight for Aztla End Quote.

Pro-communist bastards & sodomites rule the roost.