AMERICAS’ FIRST LADY CHOICE Why not a party for—-and white girls? The report in Time (5/25/36 ) of Mrs.Roosevelt’s garden party to “ sixty girls, mostly—–aged 14 to 21 “ stated that “ all have been thrice convicted, mostly for sex offenses. Twenty-six of the girls were syphilitic and practically all of them had gonorrhea” They were inmates of the National Training School for Girls, The District of Columbia’s lock-up for female delinguents. “ Twenty matrons and several Secret Service men patrolled the South Lawn to keep the guest from escaping. footmen patrolled in livery served them ice cream, cake, lemonade—Mrs. Roosevelt received each and everyone with a warm handshake, and after an hour of cake-eating took them through the new White House kitchens and the State Chambers on the lower floor, gave them each a small engraved photograph of the White House.” It has been suggested that a party. End quote. A private journalists observed: Why not a party of—–and white virgins, this might have been a greater encouragement to national morality.


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