TRASH WITHIN STATE DEPT.


Dead men tell no tales. Many people think that 911 was partly an inside job. We know that WW 1 was an inside job by the then President Woodrow Wilson; and yes, WW11 an inside job. Do not forget Korea–the late Dean Acheson of the State Department made sure that this nation was looted to satisfy China and Red Russia. Go a little further and examine the Bush gang–father and son. And the politically looting of Third World nations clearly being in the eagle’s eye of The International Monetary Fund. It would be well to watch the State Department, in sending ambassadors to alien boundaries, while previously marrying the Devil for a valise filled with torts, in selling America short, in agreeing to above and under the table treaties,as palmed off look-a-likes,on both sides of an equation, while Satan laughs up his sleeve. It is time to remove the idle trash that hangs around the State Department!

            POLITICAL FORNFICATION is what we witness as underhanded treaties ally our republic to engage a sworn enemy to literally undemine traitors of the state to traffic in interlectual whoredom. Such scumbags betray America with the blink of an eye——amagine the dirtbag born when

Such scum bags fondle each other. It is time to have a slut under the dome or bull dyke.




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