CROCKER GATOR The Crocker Gator is one of the most aggressive, vicious and unstable monster, that originally evolved from voting via our national population. In fact, this daily officiated overweight freak is a double-headed laid-back rogue, and is as contemptuous as a scorned whore eaten up with political syphilis. This hideous democratic/republican machine of an Gatorized appetite is one of a kind. Its method is to regurgitate. At times, being compelled to withdraw legislation, this gang compromises; becoming as the canine dog that will turn and consume its own vomit. Even Christ used this term. Yet, the gator fits this equation. Amphibian like political ambition amplifies that this human-like draconian political beast remains buoyed to sycophancy. Too, Most of the time sleeping and rarely reacting. This is the ultimate malicious dingbat on mother earth. Disgusting is that ( it ) cannot use the restroom; for it is tailless. This is perpetual agony. ( CONGRESSIONAL ) OUTHOUSE; having to originally evolved here right among our national ballot-box rotation of a simplified population. In fact, this daily overweight freak, GATOR, is highly contemptuous; it is one of a kind. Mother nature made provision that this distorted human-like draconian beast remains silent. The congressional hall is a bait. THIS GATOR’S RECKONING ! To betray the public——–Imperialism To protect child snatchers—–organized pornography rings To rob through foundations——tax dodgers To support the national Gay movement—–attack on family structure To plunder the national economy—–artificial inflation and war To bow down to in-house spies——-spies in state DEPT. To downgrade our military—-firing 13 needed generals To support pornography—–Hollywood & tainted stars To betray our troops—–commercial alien wars. To support Middle East insurrectionists—–enslavement of Middle East To loot Social Security—–replace stolen social security monies To support national crime——-FEMA & SWAT To support robbery of labor through industrial slave wages To support a national crime syndicate To support a corrupt political bureaucracy To support southern Marxian reconstruction To perpetuate a national fraudulent religious empire To pauperize the middle class To maintain the laboring class through illicit usury To be continually a vassal state of British banking

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